About our medical diagnostic center

For many years, Diagnostic Laboratory has been making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent. With 2014 sales and revenues of $56 billion, Diagnostic Laboratory is the world’s leading manufacturer of various products. The company principally operates through its three product segments.

Let us identify and control

your disease

Our clinical laboratory testing is held to very high state and federal regulatory standards. We are constantly adding new services with extra features to provide the best services at the best prices.

Get diagnosed

by a professional

Our friendly and professional staff will help you feel comfortable and get prepared for any tests you need. The medical laboratory equipment we are using has surpassed statistical benchmarks for risk assessment.

Wellness program

Once you become our customer, we’ll offer you a variety of tests and assessments to figure out the best wellness plan for you. Our health assessment includes: blood pressure and heart rate, cardio-respiratory fitness, muscular strength and flexibility.

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