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Twelve is your resource for watch reviews and commentary on beautifully designed, well crafted and affordable watches.  Both watch enthusiasts and new collectors will discover something new through in-depth discussions, beautiful original photography, video reviews, guides and much more.

  • Establishing Your Brand on College Campuses

    Many students are cash-strapped, nowadays. Nevertheless, their purchasing power is very high. Research reveals that 20 million students in the US have a combined disposable income of $417 billion. Moreover, another survey of students' parents reveals that students now make 70 percent of their purchases themselves. These purchases are often…

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  • Believe in the Business of Your Dreams

    What is stopping you from believing in the business of your dreams? Insecurity? Fear? Lack of confidence? All of the above? How can you overcome these obstructions? Your Mantras You may be wondering if you have the necessary skills, time, connections, and a million other things in order to create…

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  • Impact – The Heart of Business

    Thousands of people dream of having their own business and even more so be a successful entrepreneur. But what does it take to achieve success in the business industry? One of the most successful entrepreneurs featured at the Forbes website, Wendy Lipton - Dibner said that "the success of your…

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  • Beautiful Rumi Quotes that are Worth Reading

    Rumi, is the most popular Sufi poet in the world. His work is not only deep and intense, but also very ethereal. His poetry often stirs an emotion never touched and shows a facet never seen. This Buzzle article has a collection of some beautiful Rumi quotes that are worth…

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  • How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

    So how to keep your heart healthy? With so many heart diseases on the rise, most health-conscious people strive to seek the answer to this question. This article attempts to help you find the answer. Go Green When we speak of heart, we cannot miss out on the importance and…

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  • Four Types of Verbal Communication

    Verbal communication include sounds, words, language, and speech. Speaking is an effective way of communicating and helps in expressing our emotions in words. This form of communication is further classified into four types, which are: Intrapersonal Communication This form of communication is extremely private and restricted to ourselves. It includes…

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  • Proper color solutions for the office

    When it comes to remodeling an office, one of the most important aspects is painting. Any shade of paint can change the complete look of a room as a color has an ability to change a drab and boring room into a stunning one. Many people prefer to paint their…

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  • 5 Most Common Mistakes New Managers Make

    Learn which ten most common mistakes a new manager is likely to make, and how to avoid them. Mistake No.1 - Who's the Boss? Some of your subordinates will be young and new, eager to follow you. But, the experienced ones might be more resistant to your directives. especially if…

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  • Feeling Stressed? Try the One Joke per Day Therapy

    There are so many elements today in our lives that make things more and more hectic by the day, and there hardly seems to be any respite from the constantly mounting pressures and tough competition to stay ahead of everybody, plan for the future, etc. However, this has also led…

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