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People can eternally look at the running water and burning fire. From ancient times fire was associated with warmth, coziness and romance. Surely, our homes and apartments are full of high-tech gadgets and electrical appliances, so we don’t need candles to light the rooms. That’s why candles have become a holiday attribute symbolizing something true, initial and even sacred. Electrical light is a great convenience of present civilization. But artificial objects don’t produce any creative energy and are impotent to provide a special atmosphere the live fire does. That’s why candles are so popular now-a-days during various celebrations, especially the romantic ones.

Of course, if you decided to decorate your premises with burning candles, you would like them to be custom made according to your occasion and taste. Our company understands your needs and considers your wishes at first turn. All candles are being made with our own hands from natural, eco-friendly materials. The diversity of their shapes and designs is limited only by your imagination. Their touching look will make your wedding, birthday, anniversary or date unforgettable. Appropriate wording and tender scent will finish the picture of your perfect celebration. And don’t forget about gifts! Custom handmade candles can be unique original gifts for any person you want to congratulate; all you need to do is to choose the relevant design.

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