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Marina West Women`s Triangle Top Monokini Swimsuit

  • Brand: Zara
  • Product Code: Collectible
  • Reward Points: 100
  • Availability: In Stock

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Remember that remarkable feeling when you were splashing in the water, stretching your every muscle and feeling no gravity at all, as if you were an austronaut on duty (but with less stuff on you and feeling far more relaxed than them). And here ‘less’ is the key point: even though clothes don’t make the man, it’s still a swimsuit a stranger mentions when spicifying whom exactly they’re talking about. ‘Check out that charming girl in the blue suit’, or ‘Look at that handsome guy in the black suit’. A huge responsibility lies upon a swimsuit since it doesn’t only distinguish you from the others near a beach bar or a pool, but also reveals your best sides and conceals your flaws.

A swimsuit as a concept seems to have no room for choice variety as it is only a small part of material which is aimed to cover you while bathing. However, that is one of the biggest illusions a world has seen - designers don’t run out of imagination. On the contrary, you get amazed more and more every time you see a new sophisticated swimsuit model.

Choosing the right swimsuit is almost an art. You definitely have less swimsuits than T-shirts and jeans which means you have to pick a swimsuit carefully. On the top of it, a swimsuit (normally) is the only clothing you have on you when near the water. The less material - the bigger responsibility. Women tend to choose the garment very carefully since it’s the only clothing item they can impress others at that moment. men take choosing swimwear carefully as well - their surfing experience and professional swimming may depend on the swimwear kind.

Swimmers of all ages will find proper swimwear whether they do swimming professionally or not. In our online store you will find the suit which will fit you perfectly at affordable prices. We guarantee a high quality of material which will make you feel absolutely comfortable in and out the water - the material dries quickly. Whenever and wherever you are, you’ll feel confident and comfortable. In the corporate swimming pool, on a vacation with family or at the romantic ocean beach - you will look your best.

In this online store you can pick a swimsuit for children - they will love swimming in the suit you get them. Those who do swimming professionally will find here the best brands items presented. A gorgeous variety of colors and types is presented in the online store you’re presently in. Never underestimate the part a swimsuit takes in your swimming time.

Dive into the variety of swimwear choices right now.

Bag Yes
Belt Yes
Product Details
Сollection Summer 2017
Waist High Waist
Bra Push Up
Strap Removable
Manufacturer Italy
Free Shipping Yes
Dimensions 20x30
Weight 0,5 kg

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