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The first 40 years of a human childhood are the hardest.

And we are helping you to prolong it.

Even if you are 80.

How? By offering you the largest selection of drones you could ever imagine. Having the item from our store would make your friends visit you more often, and if you happen to be 80, make your 80-year old friends would jump and run, trying to take over the remote control.

It’s more than just drones. It’s about the emotions. It’s about bewildering experience, about limitless fun, about connecting the people. About abandoning useless and lifeless time-consuming TV and iPad and choosing fun-giving and people-connecting gadgets. We’ve done our best to create a store where a selection of quadcopters would fit every budget and every experience.

You may be a 5-year old sitting on the lap of your parent and choosing a quadcopter right now. Or else, you may be a grownup who’s choosing a quadcopter for himself with no intention to share it with anyone else. You may already have some experience in flying a drone and you are planning on a more advanced quadcopter. Or you may choosing for something simpler, something that wouldn’t be too bad to break while learning.

Product Details
Course:1 month
Free Shipping:Yes
Product Features:Number of driving screws: 4
Size:.4m x .4m
Warranty:3 month
Weight:2 kg
Overall Rating 5
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