Choosing the Right Bird for You and Your Family


Things you need for your new exotic pet bird!







An appropriate sized cage for your bird's species. Something that still has plenty of room for flapping wings even after you hang toys and perches inside.

A name brand pelleted diet for your bird's daily consumption.

Two or more different sized perches -- we always suggest rope or sisal for the young birds, it's easier to grip and hang on to.

A stand of some type for your bird to be placed on when he's out of his cage spending time with you.

A dark colored cage cover to help your bird feel safe and secure while sleeping at night, as well as protect him from drafts.

Several different toys, especially wooden ones, to chew and keep his beak in good condition. Rotate toys regularly so he's not bored.

They add color to our world

Many of you understand that certain dogs have personality

characteristics that are associated with their particular breed. Exotic birds are much the same.

So in choosing a species, you might want to consider what will best fit into your family or lifestyle situation. There are several factors

in your decision to purchase a particular bird that you might want to consider…

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Our Mission

Exotic Bird Sanctuary is a volunteer-run, non-profit society whose purpose is to provide rescue and protection for parrots. Through our adoption program, we strive to place parrots in new loving homes. We provide education and support to parrot guardians and the general public.

Our staff of avian experts is ready to assist you with finding the appropriate baby to join your family.

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Most of the exotic birds from the Parakeets and Parrots family are more kind of a social bird and enjoy the company of their owners as they require a lot of care and attention from them...

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