Our company is the world’s largest network. We are guided by Strategy 2020 – our collective plan of action to tackle the major development challenges of the present decade.

Our company plays an active role in many sustainability-focused initiatives and partners with like-minded organizations throughout the world to embrace the challenges and engage in the pursuit of

Driving competitive advantage through leaders: that is the common denominator across everything we do. Our service is grounded in rigorous research and proven through decades of practical experience.

All of our consultants previously held executive leadership or high-level management consulting roles. We are true industry insiders who understand how things work in your world.


We maintain and refresh strong personal connections to the best current and future executive talent, and we are uniquely structured to ensure you benefit from everything we know.


To meet your needs, our consultants work in global practices defined by industries and organizational functions in which they have significant prior executive-level experience.


The consultants you engage to work with you manage every aspect of your executive search, providing you with distinctly personal service and direct accountability.

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Each time you engage us, you gain access to the expertise and market reach of all our consultants. This is not a mere promise. It is a core value of our firm.

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Company strategy includes a vision of the future: we are recognized as the leader everywhere we do business; our products, services and solutions help our customers succeed.


Our work today helps our customers create a more sustainable world.

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Sustainable Development for our company means leveraging technology and innovation to increase efficiency and productivity with less impact on the environment. Of course, it starts with our own operations, with our customers in mind. Since 2005, our company has published an annual sustainability report, with detailed performance information and data and highlights about specific projects that support our sustainable development efforts. Each year the report serves as the flagship document for stakeholders to understand our commitment to sustainability. That’s what we’re doing here.

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5 Tips for Consulting

Biggest Lie in Sales Today

In some ways, consulting can sound like one of the easiest businesses to start. You presumably already have the expertise and the industry contacts... all you have to do is line up some gigs, right? There's some truth to that, but of course it's never that easy. To succeed as a consultant, as much time must be devoted to acquiring new business as performing assigned tasks.Any downtime should be reinvested into business development.

This is a business based on relationships. The wise consultant always listens before she speaks. Never talk costs before first discussing your clients' specific needs and objectives. Reputation is everything, and it's vital to stay on clients' radars. Remember, opportunities typically come in the wake of new ventures or sudden, pressing issues. You must cultivate personal networks and strive for face-to-face interaction at all costs.

Of all the little white lies that sale prospects might tell you, "We'll keep you in mind" ranks among the most common and insidious. Not only is it disingenuous, it also creates false hope, when what that prospect really wants to say is "No, thanks," "We've already got those capabilities handled," or "Sorry, but no immediate need exists." Worse, it often signals a misunderstanding of or lack of appreciation for the value your firm provides.

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