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  1. What studying abroad is really about!

    If you're searching for a truly life-changing experience, we can offer you the study abroad programs that will allow you to achieve true learning.

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    Fellowships, and grants at our website are designed to help you pay for your experience abroad.

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    To get started, you can either search for a study abroad program, or go to our study abroad student center for a variety of helpful articles, our study abroad student guide, and many other resources that can help you decide what country might be right for you.

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Top study abroad programs

Discover your dream study abroad destination

We provide students, adults, and groups with exciting programs for studying abroad. With our summer study abroad listings, you can study the language and culture in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania (Australia / New Zealand).

Learning another language and experiencing the culture are skills you will use throughout your life. Your experience will look great on résumés and transcripts, for employers and schools value international exposure. Thousands of students have participated in these programs, and Study Abroad has been around for them for over 20 years.