The combination of meditation and

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Yoga is not just a kind of sport. It is a lifestyle. You can not wake up in the morning and decide that you start doing yoga. It is not only about being fit, it is about being in harmony with your body and soul. You train not only your body also your head. Open the world of yoga with us. ”

Dan Tomson,


What is yoga?

The word Yoga comes from Indian philosophy, it literally means union, and in this context refers to the union of the individual's soul with the universal.

Yoga is an ancient philosophy of life as well as a system of exercises that encourages the union of mind, body, and spirit. In the words of Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutras, "yoga is the ability to focus the mind on a single point without distraction."

Why practise yoga?

Can I practise yoga at home?

Yoga can be done anywhere. In order to practise yoga at home, first you must know the postures and nothing can substitute for a good teacher. At first you should attend some classes to get a feedback from the teacher, and then you can follow a yoga video at home and then work out the sequences yourself.

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