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Music lessons offered by music professionals

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How Lessons Work

The Private
Instruction Experience

No prior experience necessary and lessons may begin at any time! It is
never too late to pick up an instrument and start learning.

The most traditional and effective way to study a musical instrument is through private lessons. Private lessons give students the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one instruction with the flexibility of individualized scheduling. You will enjoy working with our professional teaching staff! Our teachers can start with you from the beginning or build on what you have already learned.

We offer private musical instruction in the following: piano, voice, guitar, flute, violin, percussion, double bass, and electronic music, Instruction for all instruments is available in popular and traditional styles. Teachers construct lesson plans to fit your learning style and to help you meet YOUR musical goals. Lessons meet once a week for thirty, forty-five, or sixty minutes.

Monthly Reservation Fee


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Tuition & policies

There are two fees associated with lessons, one is the "Monthly Reservation Fee" or "Monthly Fee"

This is a set rate for as long as you have lessons and does not change. The "Lesson Fee" is the fee for the lesson, for instance if you wish to have 4 hour long lessons a month at my home studio, your fee would be the Monthly Reservation Fee ($85) plus Lesson Fees ($33 x 4), or a total of $217.


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