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  • Should You Become a Medical Assistant?

    As a medical assistant you will enjoy a rewarding career working in a healthcare setting such as a hospital, outpatient clinic, physician’s office, or long-term care facility, among others. You will serve as a vital member of a healthcare team where you will be responsible for many of the clinical and administrative duties that help ensure day-to-day operations are efficient and well-coordinated.

  • How Online M.A. Programs Work

    Online medical assistant programs provide training through a variety of methods that include streaming lectures and video clips, interactive discussions, slide show presentations, and more. Because the content is offered entirely online, you would be able to complete your work from any location at any time. Even if you have a family and a full-time job, you can get the education you need to start a new career without neglecting your current responsibilities.

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Find a Program
  • Central Sterile Processing

    The central sterile processing technician plays a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness, functionality and inventory of health care instrumentation and equipment.

  • Dental Assistant Program

    Dental assistants are an integral part of the team that ease patients’ anxieties while assisting the dentist with examinations and treatments.

  • Emergency Medical Technician

    EMTs are clinicians, trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes.

  • Patient Care Technician Program

    As a patient care technician (PCT), you will have daily hands-on experiences with patients by helping them with procedures such as taking vital signs.

  • Pharmacy Technician Program

    Pharmacy technicians enjoy a rewarding career in the constantly growing and evolving field of health care.

  • Phlebotomy Technician Program

    Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood from patients and taking the blood specimens to the laboratory to prepare for testing.

Why Join
Our School

Our online school offers you the knowledge and guidance you need to be confident on your way to becoming a qualified medical specialist, building your clinical skills and boosting your inner confidence & professionalism.

Education is the key that opens doors for you. It readies you to think critically, address situations thoughtfully and prepares you for a lifetime of success.

When you graduate from Medical Assistant Programs, you will not only have the certificate or degree you worked hard for, you will walk away with the skills and real-world experience that will serve you well when you begin your job search. Your credentials and knowledge will set you apart from others in the workplace and show employers your dedication to the field.

  • Thanks to my training and my instructor's guidance, I was able to pursue a career in the medical field. The Medical Assistant program taught strict professionalism and confidence; among other skills needed to be successful. The staff was friendly and helpful, making my experience very positive.

    Bernard Show
  • The Medical Assistant program trains you to work in all aspects of a clinic. This type of training not only makes you a versatile employee, but leaves the door open for other employment opportunities. I am thankful for the great learning experience that I had.

    Sarah Cole

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