Improve your Latin technique in this fun Dance Masterclass! It is suitable for those who are new to Ballroom and looking to gain a foundation in this dance technique. During the course of the masterclass you will refresh and refine dance steps, improve your poise and grace of movement.

The workshops will take place at Villa Golf Resort in Ocho Rios on November 15, 2015.

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Dancing is: health, posture, increased self-esteem, overcoming complexes and improved coordination. And finally, it is really beautiful!

“Ballroom” offers:

Top Trainers

The entire coaching staff has a university degree and diploma on a profile "sports ballroom dancing, physical education and sport"

High results

1996 brought more than 20 masters of sports, sports master candidates, more than 100 athletes of level I, II, III

effective training system

Choose individual, group or mixed-age classes.


Moses Shepherd

Master of Sports in Ballroom Dancing

Alexandra Lynch

Master of Sports in Ballroom Dancing

Ginger Lewis

Master of Sports in Ballroom Dancing