Known in the United States (only in English) as simply football, is a competitive team sport that rewards players' speed, agility, tactics, and brute strength as they push, block, tackle, chase, and outrun each other, trying to force a ball further into enemy territory for one hour of game time, which translates into three to four hours of real time.

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American football does not much resemble soccer, the sport which most of the rest of the world, except Canada, calls "football". It is a descendant of Rugby Union, and still has recognizable similarities to rugby football.

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OCTOBER • 17 • 2015

I admire your exciting stuff!! Best wishes everyone and good luck. Looking forward to coming back to the school I went to again...

Maria Griffin
OCTOBER • 17 • 2015

Awesome guys! Thanks to the coaching staff and current players for making it so welcoming during he rookie try outs, look forward to what your team can do and achieve!

Jeff Hayes
OCTOBER • 17 • 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences. The level of football was excellent! The staff worked very hard to create a good environment for the players.

Jason Ramirez
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