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We are an Irish family. We worked tirelessly to create Irish Pub - a place where friends, families, and co-workers could come enjoy farm-to-table food. We know what it takes to create an authentic experience.

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Hours: 8am-23pm
Holidays are coming....
Get prepared.

We are here to put you in a festive mood......get yourself a nice pint. A numerous amount of authentic Irish drinks are particularly suited to this time of year. Step into the world of Irish atmosphere and spend a great time with your friends.

The Best Irish Coffee by Monky
Taste the difference.

Want the best Irish coffee? We believe that Monky's Irish Pub has the best Irish Coffee around. Get to know what all the buzz is about! Enjoy the unbelievable coffee aroma and please show it a bit more respect and discover its delicious taste.

Monky's Craft Beer Program
Learn to do it Yourself

Choose from a diverse variety of the amazing and unique brews. Grab some bottles and drink up your favorite craft beers. Choose from a variety of perfect recipes...to enjoy for St. Patrick's Day! Change up your drinking habits this year!