Alicia Johnson welcome to the world!

My name is Alicia. I am a girl! Look how cute I am!
I'm a sunny kid. I like to play very much. I already recognize my mom,
dad and other family members. I am very smart for my age.
Looking at my deep blue eyes your lips will always part in a smile.

My mother

Miranda Johnson

My mother gave me birth.
She gives me all the love she has.
She is the most wonderful woman in the whole world

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My father

Richard Johnson

My father is very strong and brave.
He always protects our home, my mother,
brother and me of course.

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My brother

Denis Johnson

This is my elder brother.
He is bubbling with life and eager to play
with me any time I want. I love him very much!

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My latest photos:

Look through my amazing photos. Discover my first year, it was so exciting! Here you can find
my main growth milestones; my first smile, my first cry, my first bath, my first steps, new fears,
new feelings... Join the wonderful virtual tour to my first-year new openings.

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