High quality & perfect taste

Brewery is a Vancouver, BC born and built craft brewery. Our West Coast lifestyle and love for great quality beers for every occasion lead us to the design, development and brew of our favourite pints. Consistent quality is paramount as we strive to create beers that cater to not only our thirsty palate.

At Brewery we are inspired by more than just great tasting sessionable beers, we enjoy taking a collaborative approach towards our other passions in life including music, photography, clothing, art, events and especially those who are taking risks and making great things happen. It’s All Happening!

We worked close with our friends at LATER.mag on their Issue 3.2 release event, transforming the brewery and designing a growler to match the event. Each growler sold came paired with fresh new mag.

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25sorts of beer

We are always brewing up something new, with a rotating selection of seasonals, nitros, and casks for you to try.

580litres every day

Always fresh, always rotating, these beers are hand-pulled into your glass at "cellar temperature" (55º), allowing for maximum flavor and aroma to pop out.


Our brewing and packaging teams include people who speak English, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, Mandingo and French.

12gold medals

Our technical director owns the upstate farm she grew up on, producing maple syrup and growing crops and the hops used in our Greenmarket.

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100% natural ingredients

They quickly found a building with its own unique character that would be perfect for their brewery. They soon added Joel, their head brewer, to the team, who shared their passion for craft beer and had connections to both Mark and Paul (Mark and Joel grew up in Virginia, MN.

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Limited edition beer

Located in the historic Lyndale Theater in the LynLake neighborhood of Minneapolis, the brewery features a lineup of high-quality flagship craft beers along with seasonal rotations, specialties and the occasional one-off. Each is constructed to bring out the bold flavors and aromas of the high-quality ingredients.

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Progressive technologies

Our product of our first double-mash brew filling up the mash tun once, running off all that sugary goodness, then filling up the mash once again in order to yield a highly concentrated wort. The result is great. Amber candy syrup was used to further boost ABV and keep the body light.

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