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At Smartex, we offer professional business consulting and support services. We are passionate about growing business, and we do this through our own highly experienced and capable consultants who have tremendous business acumen. You will benefit from this passion and commitment, together with our professionalism and unique skills.

Strategic Planning

Our company provides high-quality, tailored strategic planning services that have been used in corporate, non-profit, and even academic research settings.

Business Consulting

Our consulting services will help you better understand business/customer insights and develop an aligned vision, strategy and roadmap to guide transformation efforts of your company.

Risk Management

In order to avoid risks it is vital that they are recognised, classified, and evaluated. Tiered hierarchies, complex processes, and international integration make risk management necessary.

Reviews & Audits

We view audits as an opportunity to review your business, offer an objective viewpoint of your systems and procedures, and advise you of any potential problem areas.



Experience & High Quality

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Our advantages

Field Expertise

The main advantage of hiring our team of business consultants is being able to benefit from and use their expertise in your decision-making processes.

Neutral & Objective

Our business consultants are not fazed by interoffice politics or distracted by individual passions.They are a fresh pair of eyes outside of your company’s culture.

Fixed Cost

With us, you will always know exactly how much it is going to cost you to utilize the expertise of the business consultant you choose to hire.


Is nothing without execution

Our business strategies equip the top management with an integrated framework to discover, analyse, and exploit beneficial opportunities, to sense and meet potential threats. The proper execution of this strategy can bring more stability and profit to your business on a regular basis.

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