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david horton

David Horton's Portfolio

I'm a professional with over 10 years of experience in various genres of photography.

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Some of the reasons why my clients like how I work

Why Choose Me

Friendly Personality

You will find me to be very approachable and friendly. I am a good communicator with people of all ages.


High Professionalism

With a lot of experience in various photography genres, I can guarantee the best photos for my clients.


Unique Style

I am a contemporary photographer who uses natural light where possible to showcase the beautiful colors.


Quality Photos

I use the best equipment and editing software to provide you with top-notch photos as quickly as possible.


Affordable Prices

All my services are reasonably priced to allow you to have the photo shoot of your dream without being overcharged.


Excellent Editing

Besides a great photo shoot, my clients also get a set of photos that are perfectly edited in the best software.


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A Few Words About Me

My name is David Horton and I am a professional photographer who just loves making interesting & beautiful pictures of people. I specialize in a variety of photography genres. I like to think of myself as a photographer who sees something special and different in every single face.

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