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Here's How it Began The founding of the Zoommie of the Zoo organization in 1985 was largely instrumental to the establishment of the zoo the following year. The Zoo opened its doors to the public on May 23, 1986 complete with a petting zoo area called Animals and Man, the Wild Habitats Building, the Spider Web play area for children and many lovely ponds and flowerbeds.

Do you know that every 15 minutes one Elephant is senselessly killed just for their tusk? That leads to more than 30 000 Elephants a year killed for nothing more than a human greed.

Some might say that “they are just animals”, but they are much more like us than you might think.

They have the ability to grieve, they are altruistic and will protect the vulnerable. Elephants can be left-handed, gay and as widely known they have really amazing memories. We can help and protect them by really just being what we dare to call ourselves…human.