With quality professional makeup services since 2006, Jessica provides the best that beauty has to offer. With the ability to bring out the natural beauty of all her clients regardless of race, ethnicity or skin tone, Ms. Priston also brings out the confidence in of all her clients.

Having an eye for detail and tender touch, Jessica always provides her clients with what they are looking for. Her professional background has led her to work with a variety of cosmetic companies and the ability to connect every client she meets. She is always inspired by her surroundings.

Salon Haircuts
Create the ultimate hairstyle to suit your hair type and lifestyle, every time.
Luxury Manicure
Experience the highest quality of luxury manicure services with Jessica Priston
Cosmetic Enhancement
A lot of people are turning to cosmetic treatments to enhance and rejuvenate their face.
Makeup Treatments
From stern to bow, Jessica adds one surprise to another to improve your makeup.
Professional makeup and hair service by Jessica Priston allows you to enjoy a wide range of trendy, stylish and unique transformations through your makeup artist's exposure to the vibrant scenes of film and fashion.