Jerry Robinson

Jerry has over 20 years of business analysis and investment management experience, which makes his knowledge of the financial industry unmatchable!

Vanessa Long

Vanessa Long has over 6 years of practical experience in market research, data analysis, and data modeling. Before joining us, she worked in many other research firms!

Joseph Wade

A member of the Institute of Competitive Intelligence in Ottawa, Canada, Mr. Joseph Wade is truly one of our top managers, responsible for overseeing all the processes!

Julie Benson

She is on the way to the top management through managing multiple blue chip client accounts in the last 15 years, now Julie Benson holds a responsible executive post of PEO.

Denise Hope

Denise possesses superhuman attributes needed to deliver amazing value as a learning and development manager.

Michael Rat

Michael is responsible for obtaining, analyzing, and reporting on data ranging from business metrics to user behavior and product performance.