Bluwstein Co combines engineering excellence component quality, and a technically advanced product design. Proven highly durable and efficient in thousands of municipal and industrial installations around the world, these advanced systems have reliability built into every stage of performance.


High performance PTFE belongs to a category of synthetic rubbers called Fluoroelastomers that is valued the world over for their exceptionally broad spectrum of resistance to chemicals, solvents, fats, greases, etc., which can damage conventional elastomers and shorten the life of traditional membranes.


SSI Aeration’s telemetry system allows plant operators to keep an eye on their plant 24/7 from any location with internet access. Through our web portal operators can identify trends and schedule maintenance, as well as spot potential problems before they happen.

lab services

We provide laboratory services for analysis of pilot tested diffuser samples against control samples, forensic analysis of failures, clean and process water oxygen transfer efficiency testing, and headloss testing.