Choosing the Soundtrack for Your Next Zumba Workout Party!

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With Zumba being universally acclaimed as the most fun workout option out of everything else, be sure that your dancing "routine" gets a pretty nice playlist accompanying it! "But if what music style should I choose?" - you ask me... Well, historically the...

The Studio offers Zumba fitness classes for ages 4 and up. We also offer Zumbini, which is an early childhood development program for caregiver. Zumbini uses international musicand rhythms, as well as dance and instruments tohelp stimulate and promote cognitive development within the child.

We believe in a healthy fun lifestyle! Our focus is to be able to provide overall health, stress reduction and providing you with the tools to SHAKE up your fitness goals. Whether you drive around, bike, walk or take public transportation you will spot our colourful and friendly studio.

When asked this question, our attendees tend to answer that for them personally, Zumba is the liveliest, most positive, full-out dance party they’ve ever been to since the Prom! Essentially, to outline its basics, Zumba is a dancing-induced workout fit for absolutely any age and ability – with special classes either for elderly people, kids or intense partygoers (or fun workout junkies, name them as you will). Zumba is good for anyone who wants to “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party”.

The Studio strives itself on providing a welcoming environment, where there is no judgment, and people of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds can dance, sweat and smile together for one purpose – a healthier YOU, inside and out. We welcome you to join us, join the party!

Zumba Fitness is for you, even if you haven’t exercised for long years before starting to attend our classes! Zumba makes unique use of some of the most intense and energetic rhythms and dance traditions learned from Latin America and around the world. The list of dancing/music styles incorporated into it goes on to include Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Samba, Tango, Flamenco, Bollywood, Swing, Soca and Bellydance, all in one class. Highly energetic, exotic and rhythm-inspiring music on par with fun and easy-to-repeat dance moves will challenge and enhance your fitness ability in ways rarely viable in a regular aerobics class or even a CrossFit class.

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    My younger sister was not interested in reading books at all until we visited this exhibition. It was an experience full of positive emotions and great impressions. The most important fact is that the event aroused her interest in reading, though I didn't expect it to happen.

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    My son had a lot of fun at the exhibition - he took photos of his favorite book heroes, read some short stories by young yet exceptionally talented authors and had a good time at the CBE's playground. It was a perfect opportunity to spend our free time and learn something new.

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