General Piling Work

Our staff can Install NEW Pilings, Relocate Existing Pilings or Remove & Dispose...

Our company has been identifying prospective mining targets for oil and gas production for 50 years. We are engaged in oil and gas exploration and production activities all over the world, including the most remote corners of the planet. With years of experience, newest equipment and professional employees we achieved the highest level of quality in oil exploration, production, transportation and refining. Our technologies are of the highest level, and that allows us to use the planet’s resources more efficiently.

Producing high-quality petroleum is our expertise. We inspect the entire production cycle – from site detection to petroleum distribution. That’s why we can vouch for the quality of each stage of production. Our goal is to achieve perfection, delivering fuel of the highest quality. We are always improving our refining technology to meet and exceed the world’s standards. Our service is the best in our field.

Our company began as a family-owned regional exploration agency. Today we a leading company in our industry. After partnering with a group of companies engaged in steel production in 90’s we launched a number of steel factories in 24 countries. Keeping pace with the times, we also produce highly efficient compound materials able to carry out their functions in extreme temperatures. If you share our approach to business, we would like to discuss mutually beneficial cooperation with your representatives.

Our machinery is used extensively in many industries to improve productivity, lower cost, and improve energy efficiency. We provide such services as cost evaluation, planning, site preparation, design, building and installation of your buildings and equipment. Our turnkey industrial solutions allow you to start production immediately after the installation. Our industrial products are sustainable and reliable, thanks to computer testing of all of their components.