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Medicine nearly two decades ago in order to provide women with an alternative to hysterectomy. We realize confronting your illness is a brave first step toward reclaiming your body. It is our goal to educate you about your disease, so you can feel free to make choices that concern your body. Our friendly and supportive staff is dedicated to your comfort, safety, and healing and is able to answer any questions you might have regarding Alternative Medicine. Beginning with our clinic’s front door, feel free to come in and have a look around.

driven by the passion for healing

Alternative Medicine was Established in 2010. The founder is a Medical Intuitive with postgraduate qualifications in clinical psychology. She identified the need for "a medical model that does not only look at the disease but one that looks at the total person." Driven by the gift of intuitiveness and the passion for healing she sets out to study the field of alternative medicine.


Unless you are going to make complete changes to your lifestyle to remove yourself from the “stress” (be it a physical, chemical, emotional stress, or a combination of these) then a rehabilitation program is often necessary to strengthen the injured area and prevent its recurrence.

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Weight Loss Programs
Unfortunately for some people, it is not quite that simple. We can help you unravel the mysteries of your metabolism and put you on the road to success!
Stress Reduction Program
Are you constantly in stress mentally or physically? Mind and soul rejuvenation is a stress reduction program. This program guaranteed to improve your productivity and wellbeing. and motor vehicle record checks are mandatory plus monthly random screenings for all of our drivers.
Homeopathic Injection Therapy
This treatment protocol may include an oral or injectable therapy or may be a specific remedy, but its action provides a safe alternative treatment without ‘unwanted’ effects.
Tailored Health program
We can create health programs for your individual needs. Programs can be tailored to suit your health goals would like to achieve.
Dr. Johnson has been treating me and I am feeling the best I have felt in 30 years. He listened carefully, explained some of the health issues that were so confusing to me and put me on a diet and now all my symptoms are slowly disappearing...almost like a dimmer switch...a little bit every day. Highly recommend this clinic!
Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson’s special interest is the treatment of Musculo-Skeletal conditions including Neck, Back and Lower Back pain, Sciatica, Disc Herniation, Tendon Injuries, Sports Injuries, Headaches and Migraine pain.

John McCoist

John is experienced in Women’s Fertility. His special interest is also in Chronic pain management, Stress-related health problems and Sports Injuries.

Patrick Pool

Patrick uses a variety of techniques to provide safe, enjoyable and effective care to her patients. He incorporates soft tissue work, stretching, nutritional advice, functional neurology, and specific rehabilitation exercises into his treatments.