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Play around with some pretty, golden stripe details at your preppy and posh wedding! From the cake to the dress a bit of these simple accents can infuse personality and youthful charm. Add some funk and jazz up the stripes by using chevron details, with some sparkle you’ll add festive spirits to your formal affair.

James R. Bernard is going to visit Los Angeles this spring

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Do you love secrets? We know you do. They are mysterious and always help us solve our own problems. In this case we know that the problem is obtaining a one of a kind bridal image that will amaze your groom and that will impress your wedding attendants.

Handmade Home Decor

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The rose is a special flower that is not going to be old fashioned ever…. It has a special odor and it’s suitable in every situation, being really elegant in the same time. People have had a great passion for these types of flowers from the most remote times. The floor of Cleopatra was paved with rose petals and the great Confucius had over 600 books on how roses can be taken care of. In his plays, Shakespeare makes more than 50 references to roses. Nobles and delicates, roses are sold only in North America in a number of over 20 millions cut and two times less than garden flowers.