Vamon beauty school offers comprehensive beauty and spa career training in the following fields of study:
Animal Rights
Conscious being has interests that should be respected. No being who is conscious of being alive should be devalued to thinghood, used as a resource or a commodity. The crux of the idea known as animal rights is a movement to extend moral consideration to all conscious beings.
Domesticated Animals
We here at Wild Life foundation have operated the leading coast-to-coast cat and dog neutering initiative in the US.This unique system, powered by a membership of 700 veterinarians located in 34 states, helps people obtain affordable procedures for more than 40,000 cats and dogs each year.
Primarily Primates
Wild LIfe has joined with the nation’s original primate sanctuary, Primarily Primates, to help ensure that the non-human residents are well cared for in a safe, stable environment.
Spaying & Neutering
Although there are an estimated 100 million cats and dogs kept by responsible and caring people in the United States, there is also a tragic number of these animals who suffer horrid cruelties associated with abandonment.
Free-living Animals & Their Environment
The fusion of animal rights and environmental advocacy is driven by the simple fact that adopting a completely vegetarian diet is the strongest possible stand against global warming. The business of grazing animals contributes far more of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming than transportation.
Chimpanzee Refuge Project
Landmark agreement with the Gambian government, the international animal-rights organization Wild Life agreed to help fund and support the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project, an island sanctuary located in the River Gambia National Park.
Vegan Advocacy
That respect factors into clothing decisions and selections of “cruelty-free” cleaners and toiletries, and so forth. Thus, while “vegetarian” may describe a diet, “vegan” embodies a lifestyle — an ethical commitment to live, as far as possible, in harmony with the planet and all its inhabitants.
Wildlife Law Program
In 2013, Friends of Animals established the Wild Life Law Program to fill a niche between animal and environmental activism. Animal activists often fail to fully utilize the array of local, state, federal and international environmental laws as a means to protect the rights of animals to live free from human interference.