Challenge yourself

Join our BOXING CLUB and become a part of a community. All of our members turned their fears, doubts or insecurity to confidence. It takes courage to change your life and as we like to say, life starts out of your comfort zone!

The club was originally established in 1983, like the founder Tom Brown likes to say, as this is the year he was born. However, the brand THE BOXING CLUB RING was created in 2015, in New York. After over 15 years of boxing as an amateur boxer in a couple of different countries, achieving few national titles and few years of ABA coaching, Tom Brown decided to take a step further and create something really special!

That’s how THE BOXING CLUB RING was born A community of people sharing one vision of what real training is! Hard work, there’s no substitute for it.

In Seasons I & II the franchises were city-focused, but from Season III the franchises took on a national identity. Each team is also allowed a quota of overseas boxers: a maximum of 8 in total and no more than 3 from same nationality.

Don’t have the time to exercise? It’s no longer a passable excuse. There’s a prompt solution. You can now get fit and tone up in the way you want – at home or at the nearest gym. Whenever you can fit a workout in your busy schedule, just reach us right away and let the exercise begin.

Are you ready to step up into our boxing club for a completely different reason? Do you think you have what it takes to take off the vest, put smaller gloves on and get the real crowd? Either you are sure or not, reach and let us help you find out!