New Scholarships Available!

We post scholarships on a daily basis. These scholarships are specifically targeted to Undergraduate & Post-Graduate students. We provide details of both local & International scholarships for all courses and degrees, from...

Recognizing Students: Benefits

Student of the Month Awards recognizes middle school students for their academic and character achievements to motivate them to become future leaders. Award winners names are published electronically through Schoology...

Support Indigenous Communities

School’s 8th graders traveled to La Guajira to support the indigenous community by bringing donations and construction supplies students gathered with the help of the School Foundation. The trip took place over the...

Applying to US Universities, a Complicated Process
A university education in the US offers a different experience than what is available in Colombia and allows students to take advantage of their fluency in English and the US high school diploma they receive when graduating.

Applying to a college in the US is complicated, with applications to fill out and admissions essays to write, and not all students are accepted. College Counselor Jane Steward is in charge of guiding School students through the process.

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