Are you compassionate and have a desire to help people? Then our Patient Care Technician program is the most suitable offer for you. It will allow you to acquire new skills that are considered necessary for this profession and to become a certified medical technician.
PCT Training

As a first step to the job of patient care technician, this course will help you learn more about helping patients with procedures such as taking vital signs, performing electrocardiography (ECG), blood draws, hemodialysis and others.

EMT Basic Training

This training program gives the knowledge and skills to provide basic emergency medical help to people in need. Learn how to use required emergency medical equipment and demonstrate competence in practical skills.

EMT Refresher course

This refresher course allows Emergency Medical Technicians to renew their certification. The aim is to help refresh previously learned material and learn the latest and most updated information on protocol changes and policy.


Emergency Care Programs will train your staff in CPR and defibrillation techniques, help you plan the effective placement of your AED in your workplace, and develop an Emergency Action Plan for your company emergency needs.