English is spoken all over the world

Are you trying to improve your English for professional purposes? Many people in the world are adding English to their list of skills, because it is the most widely spoken business language today.

International business requires English

In terms of international commerce, English is the language to learn. Almost all business negotiations and transactions in many countries happen in English.

Education and research opportunities

Thinking of studying abroad or publishing a research paper? Chances are you will decide to learn English at some point along the way or to study at your chosen institution.

A perfect language for traveling

If you travel often, you’ll note signs tend to come in the local tongue first and English second. That’s because English is considered the most popular international language.

The language of cinema and music

If you like going to the movies and are a fan of sitcoms, then English should be on your list. That’s because so many of the world’s films are written and produced in English.

Hemingway and Harry Potter

English has been around for a long time and English speaking writers have always been a fairly prolific bunch, both in Great Britain and the United States.