Art director, 32 years
Sandra Walsh
Highly appreciate your help!
Life coach really helped me think through things and then take measures to get results.

She was firm as needed but also very sensitive and helpful. I am much more relaxed these days and doing better at work and outside of work. It was a difficult process for me, but she made it better with her patience and support.

Life Coach, 32 years
Kenneth Edwards
You exceeded my expectations!

When I first approached Tom, I firmly stated that I wanted to only work on finding a career. I felt that I was dealing with the other areas of my life. I did not realize that the patterns of behavior that affected my professional life were the exact same patterns that affected my personal life. When I explored and committed to making the best of one, I was given the gift of improving all aspects of my life.

Behaviour Consultant, 32 years
Adam Cooper
Very professional work!

You can get more than you could ever imagine! Tom quickly helped me decide what areas would best serve me with our time together. The time spent with Tom was fun, relaxed, extremely informative, and very productive. I highly recommend giving Tom a go!!

Rehabilitation Practitioner, 32 years
Adam Smith
Highly recommend!

I came to Tom stuck and overwhelmed with opportunities, not sure which were best for me. He helped me clarify and set goals based on my values. More importantly, he taught me to apply a “value-based” lens to all my decision making. Three sessions and I am moving forward with a renewed confidence. Thanks Tom, you’ve changed my life!