Jessica Priston
Jessica Priston has been coaching since 1990, and has been in the position of Head Coach of our Diving Club since 1996.
Sandra Bullock
She is a professional dive instructor with over 10 years of experience in the diving and tourism industry. She trains people of any skill levels.
Mark Johnson
As a Master diver, Mark Johnson has a goal to provide a bespoke and first class service catering for the individual needs of our clients.
Sam Kromstain
Whether you want to learn to dive, further your diving education, or dive for fun, Sam Kromstain is always ready to assist you.
Alan Smith
As a Head Coach, Alan Smith works with the Learn to Dive instructors to further develop their teaching skills.
Aaron Wade
Aaron is devoted to the sport of diving, and his divers know it. They know that he is willing to give 150%, and from that, they follow his lead.