Your knowledge may save somebody’s life

We offer healthcare students the opportunity to obtain first hand medical experience while providing free basic medical services to communities in Central America. We aim to make the experience as easy as possible for new trippers.

Medical Training work alongside physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide direct patient care. Typical duties of a Medical Traininginclude taking patient histories and vital signs, collecting and performing simple tests on blood and other specimens, providing education and care instructions to patients, and assisting with simple procedures. In addition, the Medical Training may be responsible for taking electrocardiograms or x-rays, scheduling procedures and laboratory tests, and dressing wounds. The duties of a Medical Training are governed by state regulations and may vary from one location to another. In all areas, these assistants work directly under the supervision of a licensed physician. In order to train for this position, you should complete an accredited training program through a traditional or online college or university. Training for this job can take less than a year at the certificate level or around two years for an associate’s degree. Because Medical Training requires direct contact with patients, as well as extensive medical knowledge, even online programs will have an on-site clinical assignment in which students can practice their knowledge and skills.