About us

Owning a pet requires not only a lot of care and attention, but also various supplies including shampoos, toys, nutritional supplements, collars, medicaments, etc. To obtain these things today, there’s no need to travel around the city and listen to endless consultations of retailers.

Expert Advice

Every member of our staff has undergone special training to become an expert in the pet industry and provide professional advice for you. You can always count on our professional assistance.

Quality Guarantee

We supply only those pet products that meet industry standards and show excellent results in the process of our stringent examination.We cooperate only with recognized manufacturers of pet supplies.

Veterinary Help

We employ a veterinarian to examine your pet, provide first aid for it and vaccinate it against common diseases. The wide range of veterinary services allows our customers to get all the treatment for their pets in one place.

Are you looking for Newborn Puppies of the Boxer?

Are you looking for a puppy that will grow up as a loyal guard for you and your property? Check our newborn puppies of the Boxer. Dogs of this breed are patient, courageous and have a good sense of hearing.

Animal Donation Program. take care of animals.

We offer our clients a chance to take care of animals by donating to our animal care program. In such a way, we help animals in need of food, veterinarian care and safe place to live.

Do you love pets as we love them? Attend the Biggest Pet Show.

Visit one of the biggest pet shows held in our city this month. At the show, you will see hundreds of different animals, both traditional and exotic. You can also meet a number of experts who will readily give you tips on the issues you are interested in.