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Our company was established in 2001 as a single source of information concerning furniture, décor and interior. We have been providing high quality furniture at affordable prices from leading manufacturers from all around the world. As of now, our company includes over 15 departments all over the world, hiring different specialist of the top class, from designers to construction workers. The number will grow, as well as the amount of happy clients who have trusted their home remodeling to the biggest team of experienced specialists.

All our furniture has been made with style. No matter what item you choose – you always get the best quality. In our collection you will find examples of just any design style and epoch – from Victorian to cubism.

We thoroughly study every aspect of an epoch to recreate its spirit. Different styles of our furniture are designed by separate teams of professionals. This means that there are no mediocre jacks-of-all-trades in our company: every designer is a specialist in his area.

We sell all types of flooring for interior and exterior areas. In our inventory you can find tile, stone, and laminated flooring, hardwood and other types of flooring.gothica, quam nunc.