A story of 6 years

Please read below a story told by our clients not so long ago. 6 years ago they came to our center as the first-time parents. Now they have two kids and are expecting the third child. Here is how our program helped them grow as happy parents.

All individuals and families experience difficulties, challenges and crises related to raising children, maintaining effective relationships, coping with trauma, and handling difficult changes. Most of the time people resolve these challenges using their own resources or with help from friends and family. At other times they need assistance from trained therapists and counsellors.

Welcome to the Family Center! We provide a wide range of clinic and health care services that help families navigate all the challenging and predictable periods of the child’s life. All of the services that are provided in our center are research-based and clinically tested. Every member of our team was especially trained and taught to provide services as per the world’s standards. What we offer are referral services for children aged 2-16 years.

We are targeting to provide low cost-effective services for the families concerned about their young kids experiencing difficulties in communication at school or at home. Our mission is helping families affected by crisis, illness or loss. Proving professional assistance we try to create a better future for children and a secure present for their families.

Our well thought-out programs are intended to help both young parents and those families who have two or more kids develop the inner strength. In addition to the strength-based programs for parents, we also provide staff training. With the purpose of growing our community, we try to implement a high impact approach.