Optimal customer service and respect for the environment



Our Quality and Enviromental Departament was created in order to regulate the fulfilling of the adequate procedures according to the Quality regulations, from the very beginning in manufacturing till the delivery of our bottled oil.

Oil tasting is carried out daily by expert professionals who select and combine oils according to the client´s needs and the product technical specifications.

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The company has recently invested more than a million euros into expanding its facilities and equipping them with state-of-the-art technology.

Furthermore, the new headquarters include its own laboratory and every year new investments continue to be made towards strengthening the quality of our products.

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In addition to premium quality and perfect flavor, we stand out for the elegance and distinct design of its packaging. To be stunning and singular, to promote the perfect preservation of olive oil and to enhance the functional aspect are the three unconditionally variables took in account in the development of our packaging.

Being the light one of the main causes of olive oil oxidation, we bet on a packaging that ensures light full block.

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