Believe in God.

For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.

What makes us different from the previous generations? We are so dependent on the technological stuff that we forget about such simple things as the joy of listening to the nature, breezing the fresh air or simply walking barefoot by the sand. The modern civilization provided the humankind with many benefits. These include comfort and convenience, financial and economic prosperity. On the other hand, we live in the age of the global crisis of faith and believe. Just think how many people suffer from depression and heavy diseases worldwide. One of the fundamental reasons of our rigors in that most of us forget about God.

Religion provides answers to the biggest questions in life. It teaches people that they should love and care for each other. Relatives shouldn’t forget about their family ties and show respect for the elderly. Religion teaches us that we should relate to our fears and desires. It provides a clear system of norms that we should live by. In other words, religion is like a gap that fills in the space that separates the human kind from other life forms that inhabited the Earth many years ago.

Are religion and faith two different terms? While many are sure in the latter, religion is the faith in something outside the real world. It helps us find explanations to the things that we cannot touch, see or understand. Religion is a means that serves to explain the things unknown. There are dozens if not hundreds of different forms of religion in the world. However, there is one thing that unites all of them – believe in God.

Religion helps to unite nations. People of the same faith can accept others who are in agreement and help each other at the same time. Humanity, charity and responsibility are among the key factors that are common for different religions. How can we express our faith? For someone churches are the center of the social life. This is the place where they can always come, talk and share. For others religion is something that they bear in mind, a concept that they always stick to.

How religion came to the world? The question is being actively discussed for many ages. Many years ago, when people couldn’t find any rational explanation to the supernatural powers, believe in something that had no connection with the materialism helped the human kind a lot. The development of science brought certain changes and people got rid of many superstitions. However, this does not mean that people forgot about God and there was no need in religion anymore. It’s true that modern people do not believe in the supernatural powers like ancestors, but the need for a religion undoubtedly still exists.

Every time we have troubles, face frustrations and quarrels, religion helps to find the right balance, relax, get inspired and motivated for making something good and positive. In an effort to educate the nation to life in peace and harmony, kids are taught to believe and praise God from the kindergarten. Going to church on Sundays, singing in the chorus and helping the needy - these are just a few factors that help to educate a person that will love and respect others. In the modern materialistic world religion helps to direct a human being towards safeguarding the human values. That’s why religion occupies an important place in the life of every culture. It gives us the freedom to safeguard us from the evil.