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Early followers saw this power as a result of Jesus' prayers. Remember, they flocked around with, "Lord, teach us to pray!"
Most folks who have grown up in Christian homes have been exposed to prayer, maybe even taught some prayer. Prayer is part of the culture - the Christian culture. Unfortunately, prayer that is cultural and not based in faith sounds and feels empty. At some point, people praying in this fashion begin to question the whole idea of prayer. Then they either go deeper or completely jump ship.

If this is you or anyone close to you, don't jump ship before finishing this article. Prayer is an exercise in power.

What about my friends?

One issue that is sure to bother you is how to deal with your non-Christian friends and

Will I remain faithful?

Making the decision to become a Christian is the single most important decision that

The steps are simple.

By praying Scripture you expand your faith, begin thinking like God thinks, agree

Can I still have fun?

Don't be surprised if you feel that a decision to become a Christian is a choice