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I was born in Boston, MA in 1985 in a family of an English teacher and car mechanic. Since my very childhood I was obsessed with reading books. No wonder that at the age of 10, I already achieved some success in writing short stories. Though I didn’t want to publish them, those stories became popular among my school friends and their acquaintances. Then I began to practise my writing skills.
My talent was quickly noticed by my teacher of world literature, who was a professional writer. She made a lot for my improvement as a writer. After finishing school, I entered the University and got a degree of MA in Journalism. Then I spent a few years working in “Boston Times” newspaper as a journalist and a part-time copywriter. There I wrote and released my first book in 2006.
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Latest books

Half-blood prince
“Half-Blood Prince” is the sixth novel by a British novelist J.K. Rowling in the series about Harry Potter, a young boy who discovers he is a wizard on his eleventh birthday.
Sorcerer’s stone
The first novel in the series about Harry Potter that was published in 2001 and became an instant success due to its original idea of storytelling and attractive concept.
Son of a witch
Written by Gregory Maguire, this fantasy novel is the second one in “The Wicked Years” series, and continues the events happened in the previous book called “Wicked”.
Grand Pursuit
Grand Pursuit by Sylvia Nasar describes the role of economics in saving the society from squalor and deprivation. This historical narrative won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.
The Art of Fielding
“The Art of Fielding”, written by an American novelist Chad Narbach, tells a story of Henry Skrimshander and describes his career in baseball as a shortstop of the College Harpooners.
The Colonization
“The Colonization of the Mediterranean” is an article published in November’s issue of the “World History” magazine. It concerns the history of Mediterranean Region.
CULO By Mazzucco
“CULO by Mazzucco” is a coffee table book by Sean Combs and Jimmy Iovine, including the photos of Raphael Mazzucco, a Canadian fashion, art and music photographer.
The World of Downton Abbey
Published in 2011, this book tells us a story behind a famous British TV series “Downton Abbey”. The book includes photos of cast and crew as well as screen shots from various scenes.
The Digital Photography Vol. 2
A second book in “The Digital Photography” series, written by Scott Kelby, a real professional in photography. Find out all secrets of photography in his new book!