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The range of health care services we provide is rather wide and it includes all types of supportive care provided in the home, and/or places of our clients’ residence.
Find out the whole list of Santillana health care services, available for all USA residents throu

Jobs & Training

We constantly keep broadening, and every year our staff is replenished with new members of our health care family. That’s why we improve our qualification annually.
Learn more about our latest vacancies and ways of training we use to deliver a high level of serv

Care Funding

High level of home health care service needs an appropriate level of funding, and we pay a lot of attention to this point of our services.
Discover the ways of funding our services and get the latest information about your possible assi

How We Care

Purposes of providing home health care services are literary endless and we pay a lot of attention to the quality and dedication in offering them.
Find out more about our care and why we always think about quality of our services.

Get proper assistance remaining in your own home

Offering reliable help to meet your individual needs

Making your life easier

Whether you’re in need of short term relief in the form of respite care or a more permanent care arrangement for your loved one or yourself, our caregivers can help make life easier for you and your family.

Our main goal is to make your life easier and more comfortable, while offering you a wide range of high quality services – from general practice, diagnostics and imaging to dentistry, vaccination and surgery as well as other important medical services.

With years we developed into a network of home health care agencies that spreads over the whole country and includes almost every state. Advancing our services all over the country, we cater for the needs of our every client, so that our level of services could satisfy you.

one goal is to make your life easier and trouble-free.
Since our foundation, Santillana Home Health Care Agrency has been centered on providing high quality live-in care, diagnostics, imaging, rehabilitation, psychological and other kinds of medical services.
Are you looking for an excellent caregiver placement agency?
Well, look no further! Santillana Home Health Care Agency is ready to offer you a wide range of medical services for all members of your family, whether it’s diagnostics, surgery, therapy, or daily support.
Necessary medical and caregiver services at affordable prices.
Our caregivers, nurses and other medical personnel provide all kinds of services you or your family may need to recover from a heavy illness, or to be looked after at the place of your residence.

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