Category 1

Mobile internet advertisements

Advertising is a great marketing tool. It is an important part of any company's promotion. However, not every company can afford a complete set of promotion and advertising services. Not very long ago our company has introduced a new set of services that is fully adapted for small businesses and start-ups promotion. It includes exclusive mobile apps that allow you control the rotation of your products’ web advertisements as well as online demand on your products and services. It also has a very attractive price.

Management in the recruitment business

Today management is not limited to only organizing the work of your enterprise. It is integrated in all spheres of modern business, and recruiting is not an exception. Nevertheless, it has some notable differences if compared with other spheres of business. For example, HR management deals more with people or human resources as it comes from the HR abbreviation. HRM members deal with  the knowledge, tools, training, administrative services, coaching etc. - everything that is necessary for success of the enterprise and people who work there.

Making a comprehensive PR Plan

PR or public relations are widely used in any business nowadays. No wonder that modern management often has recourse to public relations. As any other business activity, PR requires planning and one of the most important documents on that stage is certainly a public relations plan. It includes several important parts: letter of transmittal, executive summary, situation analysis, problems & consequences, campaign goal, budget and others. The aim of creating a successful PR plan is to make visible that you plan to work with publicity, media and other sources of public attention.