Category 2

Creating a marketing strategy

Any marketing strategy is created in order to improve your business and not just increase your profit, but extend your brand awareness as well; develop the client-side trust by positioning your product or service according to the demands of your clientele. It includes who you are, what you do and why you are uniquely qualified. It should definitely serve as a perfect means to an end. We are talking about leads that, once achieved, will help you in generating a greater number of prospective clients.

Motivation in management

Motivation is an important function of management. It describes ways in which managers promote productivity in their employees. Motivated employees are more productive, more engaged and feel more invested in their work. Manager's job is not just to organize the work of the employees, but also to motivate them. But how do managers do this? Here are some main principles you may use to improve your motivational skills.

A manager vs. a leader

Every management book besides telling you about its basic principles, will state that manager should also act as a leader. Thus, a true manager is the one who has leading skills and knows “the art of management” perfectly. But what is the difference between the two – a manager and a leader? Let's find out.
Management experts mark out three principles that help in establishment of leading skills and promote your management reputation.