You can benefit from working with us – we will provide your business with extended management support.

Our Approach

We combine proved management techniques and knowledge with latest informational technologies and management software.


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Benefits of working with us

We know what modern business needs. We hire top-level professionals that specialize in various spheres of business – from IT to agriculture. It doesn't matter whether you own a company with turnovers worth a million or a small local business, you can always find what your company needs. From assistance in hiring qualified personnel to drawing up a monthly management plan – everything is possible with our assistance.

Management Team

Olivia Grosh

The founder of Progress Management Company, Olivia has always been striving for excellence as compared with other managers.

Caroline Beek

Caroline is an IT expert at Progress, and she is incredibly educated. She is also a true person of natural gifts in the world of management.

Patrick Pool

With years of experience, Patrick has made his way to the top from the very bottom of business management.

Mark Johnson

Mark is very important to our company – he specializes in legal management and deals with almost unsolvable issues.

We calculate

carefully every move to help your business get back on its feet.
Your business is in good hands!