A few words about us

Our family has been in the restaurant business for a very long time.

Nowadays we can proudly boast our reputation for a well known Seafood restaurant in our area. We are famous for the fabulous authentic cuisine, professional chef and dedicated staff.

Our menu provides you with the mix of fresh seasonal ingredients, refined goods and the best recipes and techniques. We do our best to serve you delicious food.

Our cooks

Eva Adamson

Sous-Chef Eva is an experienced cook with a long list of awards, prizes...

Mark Johnson

Mark is the heart of our restaurant and he is the one who brings the...

Olivia Grosh

Olivia can cook the best Seafood dish you have ever eaten in your life...

Sam Kromstain

He establishes books for food lovers, gives interviews, comes to the...


Our Restaurant was established

in May, 25 1987. Since then it has grown to more than 30 restaurants worldwide and plans continue to extend, that is not the end of the story...

We have a passion

for the Seafood way of life and want to share it with
people, no matter where they’re from, just good food for everyone.

High quality

We serve the highest quality of prepared meals at a great value, in a home-like and friendly environment.

Professional staff

Our highly trained and
experienced cooks are the
experts in the production and preparation.

Full-service restaurant

Our restaurant is expanding to a new model of full-service restaurants, providing entertainment for families....