Comrax IT Support Company provides diverse
marketing services to support a wide range of businesses.

At Comrax, we mark out several principles that are fundamental when it goes to securing your data and Internet connection. These principles are simplicity, result orientation, professionalism and respect. From designing the personalized IT solution for your company to integrating it into your working environment, our specialists will make sure the services we provide work as your own advantage.

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What we offer

Find out what range of services you can get in our company.

Data Processing

Our high-end computing powers are available at reasonable prices.

Cloud Services

Upload, download and store your data online.

Virus Protection

Perfect local and Internet security for your company.

Technical Assistance

We offer high-skilled help and assistance 24/7.

Solving any IT problems

We are a team of high-skilled professionals who care about the level of information technology integration in modern business. With more than 8 years of experience in IT industry, our specialists can solve any problems connected with information technology.

Latest from our blog

Fresh news from the world of information technologies

iPad accounting software

Kashoo Cloud Accounting has recently released their new accounting software available exclusively for devices on iOS 7 & 8, mostly suitable for iPads.

Instagram continues to push boundaries

Mostly known as the image hosting for users who own Android and iOS phones, Instagram is now a great source of inspiration for designers.

Wi-Fi is going global in developing countries

United Nations have introduced their new plan on integration of the wireless Internet in developing countries. Among them are Argentina, Brazil, India and others.

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