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Opening Lines Recommendations for a Fiction Novel

When it comes to starting up your fiction story, you need to pay attention to the first chapter big time. And the opening line of it is as important as all the rest of the book, if not more. To get it right with your novel at once (in case this is a fiction novel)...

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Pulitzers: All the Light We Cannot See, by Kevin Smith Triumphs

Pulitzer 2015 has been a breath of fresh air. Many new literary and journalism talents emerged. Also many renown authors and reporters were awarded this year. The winning book was Kevin Smith's dramatic...

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SWG Awards Show Scriptwriting Still Has Lots of New Talent

In 2015, scriptwriting industry suffered few setbacks and couple writer's strikes. This is not the first time such things occur. Nevertheless, the Screenwriter's Guild award helped to fresh things up and breathe some new energy into the scriptwriting world...

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Fonts to Use for a Solicited Manuscript

So you have written a book and your agent is ready to solicit and apply your manuscript to publishers? Great. Now it's time to get your book final draft proofread and edited.

That should always include such an important formatting nuance as font, font size and double spacing....

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