Early Childhood Education Programs

The educational child care programs in Intense were designed to offer a comprehensive path to prepare your child for elementary school. Our education center features developmentally appropriate programs with specialized curriculum for a variety of ages. Find the right path for your child here.


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Early Preschool

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Additional activities

Some of our programs feature really exciting activities that are designed to engage your child in the learning process. However, they can also be very beneficial to his/her cultural and emotional development, and have a positive impact on the kid.

Enrichment Programs

Our enrichment programs are designed to develop talents as well as creative and technical skills of gifted children. It is a perfect way to encourage your child to discover the surrounding world.

Summer Camp

We have a summer camp for all our pupils. Here they can enjoy benefits of our learning center, have fun playing with friends while also preparing for school and learning something new.

Before School

If your child needs more preparation for his/her first school lesson, our teachers can help your kid form the strength of will to learn and assist him/her in mastering new subjects and material.

Share your suggestions

Our team will be happy to hear from you about any possible improvements in our programs and learning activities.