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Thank you so much for coming to my Web site. I am a comedian with a great sense of humor. I'm going on tour all over America, or at least some of it. Tickets for this tour are available EXCLUSIVELY here.


My first book will be released this summer.

As I said in some of my previous interviews, my first book about being a stand-up comedian is going to be published this July. Though I don’t have any information about when the book will be in stores, you can already read its fragment on my website.

Did you

My career started from a pure improvisation 10 years ago.

My first stand-up performance took place in the secondary school, where I was studying at that moment. Though I didn’t take the first place in the school’s talent competition, my stand-up performance was awarded with Sympathy Prize of Viewers.


McCoist’s North American Tour 2015 continues this spring.

Described by the Fun magazine as “an impressive and groundbreaking performance of the most famous stand-up stars of Canada, the USA and Mexico”, my North American Tour continues this spring, starting on March 1 in Quebec, moving through almost every city in these three countries.


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